Outreach Express Cards
We have 32 downloadable and printable outreach express cards that will mobilize you as a believer to share your faith by taking these business size cards with you wherever you go to distribute as the opportunities arises. These cards are designed to arouse people's curiosity in the gospel and to connect people to our web site at whyjesusmedia.com which is especially designed for unbelievers for the purpose of presenting compelling evidence and benefits for becoming a follower of Christ. You can also download a template that will allow you to print your church's information at the back of these cards. These outreach cards are like a mini gospel ad in your pocket that you can give out within your community. Research shows that these concise types of outreach cards are one of the most effective resources to assist you as a believer in your personal evangelism strategy as they have an 80% rate of impression and retention very similar to that of our gospel ads with flash advertisement. You will require the purchase of Avery business cards paper from Staples to print these cards from your home printer.  Check out these outreach cards below and let us know how they work for you!
32 Outreach Express Cards 
Your church info on card backReasons to BelieveOnly Jesus SatisfiesOne Way Sinners need a Saviour
Fan or Follower?Follow MeYour spiritual birthday?Finding your lifeSpiritual health affects everyone
Q and AThe Answer?Everything to lose or gainLiving or Existing?Gambling with your Eternity
Compelling evidence & benefitsAre you on the right road?Need Hope?True Happiness?Live debt free
Fake NewsComing out as Born AgainAre you the few or many?Are you  blind?Living or Existing?
Do you love me?Are you Depressed?Think Joy. Think JesusI love youAre you Wise or Foolish?
Lost and FoundFinding your true identity in ChristTruth & Life is a personLost?Which road are you on?
Believing plus Receiving equals BecomingThrowing away your future?Whose your master?Whose slave?