1. Evidence and defense of the Christian faith
2. The Superiority of the Christian Faith
3. Books and organizations by creationist scientist
4. Movies about the evidence and benefits of Christianity
5. Other videos
Books on the evidence and defense of the Christian faith

Expert organizations on the evidence and defense 
of the Christian faith

  1. Reasonable Faith

  2. Cold-Case Christianity

  3. Norman Geisler

  4. RZIM International

  5. John Lennox

  6. Lee Strobel

  7. Josh McDowell

  8. Ask Dr. Brown

  9. CRI

10. Reason to Believe

11. J.P Moreland

12. Living Waters

The superiority of the Christian Faith

Books by leading creationist scientist

Scientific Creationist Organizations

1. Answers in Genesis

2. Creation Ministries Internationals

3. Creation Research Institute 

 Movies about the evidence and benefits of Christianity

  1. The Case for Christ
  2. Heaven is for real
  3. Miracles are for real
  4. Do you believe
  5. God is not  dead
Other Videos
1. Man comes  back from the dead
2. Proof that Jesus is within our molecules
3. Leading Neurologist discovers proof of Heaven
4. The Moral Argument
5. The Meaning of Life
6. The Gospel Presentation- There are          no good people!
7. God, Science & the Big Questions: Leading Christian Thinkers Respond to the New Atheism